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A rich and beautiful Sugar Mummy who goes by the name Laura Paris residing in 3096 Thompson Street
Los Angeles, California, USA is searching for a strong, caring, faithful, honest, passionate, energetic and, romantic sugar boy to build a long term relationship with as soon as possible.

This Sugar Mummy has been alone for a while now and she needs a man by her side. She is looking for that special man that will rock her world. She is looking for a companion, someone that is willing to give her lots of attention. She just needs a gentleman to have a strong relationship with.

This Sugar Mummy who works with a Berkshire Hathaway in the United State. She is ready to cater and spend on you. She is ready to give her man $5000 monthly for his upkeep. You will benefit immensely from dating this Sugar Mummy. She also disclosed that she will sponsor your Visa and flight fees to come over to the USA. She has special gifts waiting for you.

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If you are ready to date this Sugar Mummy in the USA, Then read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

Hello, My name is Laura Paris. I work with a Berkshire Hathaway in the United State. One thing you always have to search for reasons to smile and know the reason that I want to have is love that’s why I’m here and I don’t think I will leave this website until I found the one for me to love and smile. I’m sure I can make you smile if you allow me, I’m very funny, romantic but also a very serious woman when I have to be like that, I can show you that I’m a good woman and that the man who loves me can be very lucky because if he loves me I will make him the happiest guy in heart. I’m ready to cater and spend on him. I’m ready to give him $5000 monthly for his upkeep. I will sponsor your Visa and flight fees to come over to the USA. I have special gifts waiting for him.

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I will be here in the chat room of the best sugar mummy dating site to know you and that you know me for real, not through a cold way like this.

Laura is waiting for an interested guy or man that wants her to be his sugar mummy, she wants to accept your request. To get her direct contacts or phone numbers, introduce yourself by commenting below so she can come here to pick you.

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