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All men like having a girl they can call their own and show off to the rest of the world. But that is really the preliminary part. Soon you get tired of flings and random hook ups and would want a genuine girl who you connect with and can envision spending a life with.

Most of all you go into a relationship assuming you will keep each other happy. But finding the ideal woman isn’t so easy. Yes, with the advancement of technology it is easier to talk to girls but it is a mighty tough job keeping one. And when you have the whole world at your fingertips you are spoilt for choice. But if you really want a quality woman by your side, the best option or obvious choice would have to girls from Dubai. Not only are they beauty personified they are also loyal, infinitely interesting and very classy.

Acquiring a UAE woman’s number is not a tough job. You will find the whatsapp number of these girl’s from various social platforms but you must keep in mind that the website you procure their number from is a reliable forum. Once you have found her number it is your duty to keep her smitten to you and that can be a sort of a tough task considering the strict laws of dating in the UAE. Stated below are a few do’s and don’ts that you must follow while courting these beautiful Dubai ladies.

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Do’s and Don’ts of dating a woman in UAE:

  • Date night: Women from Dubai are high maintenance and that is a universally known and accepted fact. It is the land of oil mines and rich people with rich daughters. So if you have your eyes on a glossy smart woman chances are she has been brought up in money and has come to expect a certain degree of luxury. If you are planning to ask her out on a date, you must keep in mind that it is well thought of. A date in a dingy restaurant in the depths of the city is sure to turn her off. You can take her out drinking but you should be sure to ask of her consent first, or you can take her to a high profile restaurant such as Shangri-La or to Burj Khalifa to admire the picturesque view, or indoor skiing or just a movie date. Whatever you do or wherever you take her you must remember that most of these dates cost plenty of money. Dubai is an expensive place and if you have to impress your girl you have to throw in some money.
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  • Do not let her pay: Unless she considers herself a much emancipated woman she will never insist on paying her share on dates. And that is just something you must accept. Even if she insists on paying you must coerce or sweet talk her into not paying for her share.


  • Do not be too touchy: Of course all women love and crave physical intimacy but in Dubai public display of affection can land you in hot waters. Even simple acts of intimacy are carried out behind closed doors. No matter how riled up you are, you have got to keep your hands to yourself while you are out with your woman in public.


  • Be a gentleman overall: All through the night you must be on your best behavior. If she wants something she will be dropping subtle hints about it all night long. You must be chivalrous with her at all times. Open the door for, give her your coat, get her flowers, and compliment her on her looks and choice of attire. Keep her happy and she will keep you happy in return.
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Do not let your eyes wander: Nothing hurts the ego of a woman more than lingering eyes on other attractive females. Dubai is a land of glitz and glamour and you will be sure to meet women who stir up your fantasies. But keep your eyes on your date and enjoy her company. Get to know her, ask insightful questions and try to build a strong foundation by showing genuine interest in her. Also, staying busy on your phone through the night is a huge no-no.

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